Felt very comfortable with Lynn and he walked me through the process since it's been years since I have been to a massage therapist. He fit me in right away and is very flexible. A day after an hour treatment the pain from my sciatica and tight IT band has been significantly reduced. Great prices too!
Erin B.

Lynn is a great massage therapist. I have never felt so relaxed after a massage. He is very thorough and really wants to please.
Christina M.

"Raindrop Therapy sounds almost as exotic and hypnotizing as it turned out to be.  It is not a massage but a series of oils applied to the feet, low back and upper area.
If I had known I was going to leave my body during the therapy, I would have been more prepared.  The massage following the Raindrop rubbed the oils in more thoroughly and created a euphoric feeling that lasted most of the day.  I would love to compare it to anything, even a standard massage, but there isn't anything, in all of my years, that had made me feel so incredible as the Raindrop Therapy."
-Margo Lord

Truly, I cannot recommend Lynn Harm's skill as a massage therapist highly enough.  Recently, I suffered from what my primary care physician called "lumbago" but which I could not label as anything quite so pedestrian.  It was a killer pain in my lower back that absolutely nothing could touch - including the medication prescribed by my doctor.  After one of Lynn's "please, please do whatever it takes to help me" massages, my pain and stress level was greatly reduced, and the next day there was only a residual soreness.  He seriously addressed the area of the physical pain, yes, but also I was relaxed and calm afterward.  His knowledge seems to lead him to address the cause of the pain as well, and there's a kind of trust that he's gonna help.  Magic hands.  That's all I can say.
 Lana Motes 

Lynn is a very sensitive, intuitive man.  This energy he  channels through his heart and hands.  His hands are gentle yet strong.  It is a blessing and a gift to be the recipient of Lynn's massages.  Funny, that word "massage" becomes generic when I think about how gifted Lynn is as a energy light worker.
Thank you Lynn for your gifts.

My massage and Raindrop Technique was a wonderful experience.  Lynn did a great job and I have many massages to compare it with.   He takes great care with your mind, body and soul.   I would highly recommend Lynn.

Healing energy flows into everything Lynn does.  This means that any type of service received; healing occurs. This is a delight to experience at any level for any need - Physical, Emotional/Mental and/or Spiritual.  Massage is "icing on the cake"!

Lynn has a keen understanding of what "holistic" healing means as he works with the "whole" body.

About Lynn Harms, LMT

Lynn Harms, LMT is an intrinsic healer who understands guidance and allows for the flow of this energy in all he does.  He has worked with healing energies throughout his adult life.  His interest is in the healing of the world through the environment and the earth's inhabitants.

After years of being in the corporate world and that coming to an end, he made the choice to move into what he feels is his purpose. His passion is to work with individuals and offer assistance in helping each person find their personal avenue to health and well-being. 

As a mature person, he finds there are special and unique needs for those of all ages. In this, he is empathic towards those working to find answers to relieve stress and pain.  This leads to a distinct manner of action in working towards this goal for himself as well as for those who come to him.